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Booking Train Ticket
Train Ticket in Thailand usually sold out quickly, especially First class and 2nd class sleepers so book your ticket well in advance. However the ticket can only be booked 60 days in advance and some short haul destinations can only be booked 30 days in advance.

 All train bookings through our service require pre-payment by credit card only
Handling fee THB250 per ticket for 2nd class and THB400 per ticket for first class

Hard copy tickets are still issued for train ticket in THAILAND so you are required to pick your train tickets up after purchased before going to take the train at each train station. Special arrangement for ticket delivery to your hotel in Bangkok is available with small extra fee.

Luggage allowance on Thai trains
Bags are stored in 1st class passengers rooms. 2nd class coaches have racks beside the berths where luggage is placed. The State Railway of Thailand allowance is one large suitcase or similar and a carry on bag per passenger. Extra bags are generally not charged and the system is flexible as staff are mainly very helpful. Bicycles and other large items can be taken on the goods carriage. Please contact us if you wish to take a large item that will not fit inside the compartments.

Safety on trains
Travel police actively patrol every train and the incidents of robbery is extremely rare. State Railways of Thailand generally has a good safety record throughout the kingdom and the "train people" of Thailand are generally very professional about their given tasks. As with every form of public transport you should never leave valuables unattended. Bags are stored beside the seat in second class which is illuminated throughout the night.

First Class with Air Conditioned  
Day and Night Coach

1st class sleepers have lockable 2-berth compartments with washbasin and mirror and it is private cabins for singles or couples. Each private cabin has individually controlled air-con, There's a shower at the end of the corridor.  All beds use fresh cotton sheets, pillows with cases and laundered, sealed, towel-like blankets. Beds are set up by the train staff at around 9:00 pm and stored away again around 07:00 am. 
In both  1st and 2nd classes the beds are around 2m (6.5 ft) in length. The berths convert to a sofa for evening & morning use.  
Only common toilet is available (no private toilet). 
To own a private compartment of your own while travelling alone, then two first-class tickets must be purchased with discounts possible.
 First-class cars are available only on express and special express trains.

Number of rooms:  2 Rooms/2 persons each
Number of Sleeping Berths: 12 upper , 12 lower

Interior of 1st class sleeper (2-berth compartment)...  1st class sleeper (2-berth room - daytime)... 1st class sleeper (2-berth room - daytime)...Restaurant ,  Air-Con Restaurant car on the train        

Second Class
In a 2nd-class car,There are no compartments - berths are arranged open-plan either side of an aisle.  The two seats pull together to form the lower bunk.  The upper bunk folds out from the wall above the window.
In the a 2nd-class sleeper, you will find two rows of facing seat pairs; each pair is separated from the next by a dividing wall. A table folds down between each pair and at night seats convert into two fold-down berths, one over the other. Each bunk has curtains for privacy. and fresh linen are provided. A toilet is located at one end of the car and wash basins at the other. Second-class cars are found only on rapid and express trains; some routes offer air-con 2nd class as well as ordinary 2nd class.

Type of Car :

Air or Fan – Conditioned Second Class Day and Night Coach

Number of rooms :

No private room


Number of Sleeping Berths :

36 or 40 seats (20 upper and 20 lower) per compartment 

Air-Con Second class train at night, Upper Berth & Lower Berth, each with curtainsAir-Con Second class train at day, open plan with bays of seats either side of the aisle Air-Con Restaurant car on the train      

 SPRINTER TRAIN in 2nd class:  
Sprinter Train - is a special Express train with air-conditioning and comfortable seats of reclining chairs, similar to that of the coach. There is no sleeping berth.
Fast, modern air-conditioned Anchor railcar with comfortable 2nd class reclining seats with hostess service of light meals and refreshments included in the fare.

Express railcar from bangkok to chiang mai   Bangkok - chiang mai express railcar: hostess service...   Comfortable reclining seats in the bangkok - chiang mai express railcar...
Fast railcar...   ...with hostess service...   ... and air-con 2nd class seats.



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International Line

Train Ticket Highly Popular

No. Train No Train Type Original Destination Zone Depart Arrival  
1 108 First class Phitsanulok Bangkok Northern Line 22:09 05:10 More Info
2 167 First class Bangkok Phon Thong Southern Line 18:30 10:31 More Info
3 1 First class Bangkok Chiang Mai Northern Line 18:10 07:15 More Info